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creating a clean future and a world of free energy.”

Hee-kwon, Jeon CEO S-Feulcell

New Story Creator!

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The depleting fossil fuels, global warming and eventual climate change have become one of the most pressing issues, facing the future of us as human race, even posing our own survival at risk.

The challenge calls for sustainability in our potential future energy sources, highlighting the important role that new renewable energy sources can play and, it demands core technologies for the upcoming "hydrogen economy" and S-Fuelcell does believe that at their center it is a fuel cell.

S-Fuelcell has ceaselessly pursued the path of fuel cell development over the last decade.

Every one of us at S-Fuelcell could stay committed as one team because we are confident that highly efficient (85% greater in overall efficiency) and eco-friendly (45% less in CO2 emissions) fuel cell can help us in resolving future energy issues. The dedicated years have produced core fuel cell technologies including stacks, hydrogen extractors and integrated system design and earned us a variety of titles of being ‘the first in Korea,’ and our passion still continues to become the market leader in fuel cell industry of the world.

Based on our accumulated technologies and extensive experiences, we promise to deliver the best possible solution to our customers and stay passionate as market leader. On our journey towards a better future, S-Fuelcell will be with you as a company worthy of trust and respect.

S-Fuelcell CEO Profile


GS Caltex Co., Ltd.
General Manager, S-Fuelcell Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2016–
CEO of S-Fuelcell Co., Ltd.